Long Island City Academy of Music, the first music school in LIC, was established in 2010 to address the area’s growing desire for music education of the finest quality. We offer instrumental and vocal instruction across a wide variety of genres at affordable rates and at convenient hours, so that students can commit to regular lessons and achieve their dreams.

LICAM’s uses time-honored approaches to music instruction to imbue in our students a deep appreciation for what they are learning. We encourage the pursuit of practiced skill, musicality, and confidence, and the profound enjoyment that comes from being part of a larger world, and tradition, than their own. Our instructors are world-class professional performers who are dedicated to their ongoing role of educating students. They are musical role models who are part of LICAM’s staff because of their ability to motivate and advance students.

LICAM is also a committed to member of the LIC area. We engage in regular outreach to schools and create performance opportunities for our students that benefit the community at large. Some of our regular projects are: recitals throughout the year, staged operas in which students work with professional singers and musicians, our lunchtime concert series at the LIC Art Center, and performances created especially for the LIC Arts Open.

We invite you to explore the opportunities we offer to learn about music, and to develop new, exciting modalities for understanding the world. Our goals are ambitious, but then, so too are the results we see with our students.