Dario Chiazzolino

Dario Chiazzolino is endorsed by Gibson Guitars and played with the Yellow Jackets!

Dario ChiazzolinoDario Chiazzolino (b. 1985) is a multi-award winning Italian guitarist and composer. One of Italy’s most in-demand jazz musicians yet still in his twenties, he performs regularly and records with many top European and American jazz musicians.
The recipient of numerous awards, Dario has been playing guitar professionally since age 14.
He was awarded as “Best Guitar Player” in diverse music competitions, including Umbria Jazz Festival ( IT ), and several nomination as Best Guitarist from Italian Jazz magazine, Guitarlist and a nomination as Artist of the year from D-Magazine.
Dario has performed in jazz festivals across Europe, and regularly appears in clubs in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Russia and Croatia.
His “Principles Sound” project consists of Yellow Jackets members Bob Mintzer, Russel Ferrante and Jimmie Haslip. In 2014 they released the CD “Lost in the Jungle“, and following the recording, Dario was invited to take part in the Yellow Jackets 2012 Tour.
In 2010 an original Latin Jazz project was formed, featuring Dario Chiazzolino, guitar, Dany Noel Martinez, bass, Horacio “El Negro”Hernandez, drums, Ivan Bridon and Ivan Melon Lewis, piano, Carlos Sanduy, trumpet, and singer Concha Buika. They released the album “Proposition” (and other main latin icons as Ramón Porrina, Jerry Gonzáles, Inoidel González, Javier Masso “Caramelo“, Fernando Favier, Diego Guerrero, Ivette Falcón Urgate, Daniel Martínez Miranda.
Dario has also performed and or recorded with Dave Liebman, Taylor Egsti, Andy Sheppard, Billy Cobham, Aaron Goldberg, Billy Cobham, Russel Ferrante, William Kennedy, Rick Stone, Felix Pastorius, Julio Barreto, Dominique Di Piazza, Antonio Faraò, Willie Jones III and Harvey S.
He has recorded 8 albums as a leader, and 12 as a sideman and an in demand educator, Dario has been teaching in Italy for 15 years, and has held teaching residencies in Italy and Europe.
His 8th album as a leader “Red Cloud” will be released in December 2015.
Born and based in Turin Italy, Dario holds a bachelor degree from Giuseppi Verdi
Conservatory in Turin, and a masters degree from Università della Musica in Rome.

Étienne Guérin

nyc september 2016

Born in Quebec, Canada, Étienne Guérin was trained on classical guitar with the Montreal-based Uruguayan master Alvaro Pierri at Université du Québec à Montreal. His multiple chamber music collaborations most notably included L’Hexacorde, contemporary music-focused guitar ensemble, and Grandbois Flute and Guitar. In 2005-2006, Mr. Guérin partnered with the mythical Québécois comedian Gabriel Gascon in the monumental “Platero y Yo” by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, then was artistic director and guitarist on “Complètement Marteau!!!”, a concert based on Pierre Boulez’s “Marteau sans Maître” that toured across Québec. He was also a cellist in Orchestre Symphonique de l’Isle from 2009 to 2013. Mr. Guérin moved to NewYork in 2013 and since then has collaborated with local musicians including The Colonials, flautist Martha Cargo and tenor William Ferguson.

Costas Baltazanis

costas5Costas Baltazanis has twenty-five years of teaching experience. He has taught a great number of students in private or group classes. His students are today’s professional players and teachers all over Europe and USA.

In 1991, Costas started teaching Guitar and Harmony Courses at Ph. Nakas Conservatory in Athens, Greece. Later, he taught Ear Training, Jazz Composition, Ensemble and Improvisation Courses. In 1995, he became Head Director of the Modern and Jazz Music Department. He organized a big number of festivals, contests, workshops, seminars, lectures, guest musicians’ concerts, teachers’ and students’ concerts. He supervised the Berklee College of Music “Study Abroad Program” at Ph. Nakas Conservatory, the Student Exchange Program between the two Institutions and the Four Semester Academic Program (for students who would get their first two years Berklee College credits in Athens ). He also, gave lectures and seminars at conservatories in all the major cities of Greece.

Costas has been giving lectures on topics like: ‘Jazz Improvisation’, ‘Super imposed Harmony’, ‘Triadic improvisation’,’ Modal Improvisation’, ‘Teaching Jazz’, ‘Psychology while playing and practicing music’, ‘Odd Meters in Greek and Balkan Folk and how to use them in Fusion and Jazz’.

Costas Baltazanis has written three books: ‘Music Theory and Ear Training’, ‘Jazz Harmony’ and ‘Electric Guitar’, published by Ph. Nakas Editions.